Facebook Addiction

Okay, I admit it. I am truly addicted to Facebook. I check my profile several times a day, just to see what my friends are up to. Is anyone else addicted to Facebook or MySpace?

My friend MaryJo (who also works for Wake County Libraries) added an application called Catbook to her Facebook page. Her cats are now living large in the virtual world.

Heidi (search for Heidi Barry-Rodriguez on Facebook to find me)


6 Responses to Facebook Addiction

  1. Andrea @ ERL says:

    I am staying away, because I see the addiction factor! I heard a great story on NPR yesterday about this woman who has her entire life online. She carries a camera where ever she goes and posts to her blog constantly. She had 30,000! text messages last month.

  2. Heidi says:

    You should try it. I thought it was stupid at first but it is really a lifestyle. Hopefully it won’t be blocked 🙂

  3. Katy@CAM says:

    I just joined Facebook yesterday… I caved in to the peer pressure. I used to be addicted to Myspace, but now I find it to be kind of annoying. What I like about Facebook is that ONLY the people who are my friends can see my information (although my Myspace stuff was all made private, as well). I’m still learning about Facebook, though. I’m not sure I’ll get addicted.

    Okay, who am I trying to kid? Give me about 2 weeks and I’ll be totally addicted!

    Incidentally, the cover article of Newsweek from this past week is all about Facebook. I’m about half way through. I’m stunned that the guy who created it is only 23!

  4. wakecounty says:

    Yes, I love Facebook. I really love the new feed so you don’t have to click on your friends’ accounts either unless you want to follow up on something. It is quick and easy and seems safe so far since you have approve your friends.

  5. JayaBear says:

    I am also a facebook addict. It is very easy to get hooked on it. I’m actually writing a research paper on teen addiction to social communities. Maybe I can find a cure for our addiction!

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