New Obsession: StyleMob

I am addicted to StyleMob. I just discovered this today, thanks to the blog Alternative Teen Services. It’s social networking for the fashion-obsessed. Guys and gals can share their insights on fashion. The best part are the look books. You post pictures of yourself wearing what you think is a great outfit. You can say what you are wearing and where you bought it. Others can comment on your look and rate you. You get a style rating based on these numbers. There is a star of the day, and there are contest like “back to school” or “clothes you covet.” It’s fascinating. I think this is a great way to get your name out there if you think you have a career in fashion design or modeling. And it’s just fun to see what people are wearing. I am also amused by this word that has been invented: “thrifted.” If the item was bought at a thrift shop, they say it is “thrifted.” Once again a case where a noun has been turned into a verb. The English language is fascinating, eh? Users must be 13 to create an account.


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