Book of the Day: Life As We Knew It by Susan Pfeffer

Podcast version of this review can be found here.

If you liked the movieThe Day After Tomorrow  with Jake Gyllenhaal, then you are sure to enjoy today’s Book of the Day, Life as We Knew It.. This book, about a natural disaster, features 16-year old Miranda and her family, which consists of her mother and 2 brothers.

The book opens when Miranda is standing outside looking for a predicted collision between an asteroid and the moon she is assigned to write a paper on. What no one predicted, though, were the disastrous consequences that would result. The asteroid hits the moon so hard that it’s knocked off of its orbit and throws earth into total chaos. Tsunamis and earthquakes kill millions of people, and that is just the beginning. Hundreds of volcanoes erupt, causing ash to fall from the sky and block the sun. Electricity only works for a few hours at a time over the course of months, and the family has to struggle just to keep warm. Food is also scarce, causing Miranda’s family and the entire population to resort to actions it’s even hard for us to imagine.

The whole story is told in journal format from Miranda’s perspective, which draws the reader into this new world easily and addictively – particularly Miranda’s struggles with all of the drastic changes, as well as the normal difficulties of being 16. It studies human nature and how far we are willing to go for survival. Life As We Knew It  is filled ultimately with despair but also with hope. A real page turner!

Life as We Knew It is nominated for the Teens Top 10 List. To request a copy, click here. If it’s your favorite, don’t forget to place your vote during Teen Read Week, October 14-20, 2007.

Review by Kristen @ West Regional Library

Podcast version created by Heidi @ West Regional Library


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