Book of the Day: Maximum Ride: School’s Out – Forever by James Patterson

In the first Maximum Ride adventure, James Patterson tells the tale of a group of children with very special talents– they can fly! After being experimented on as children, Maximum, or Max, and her friends have wings, and they escape from the people who had given them those wings.

In the second installment of the trilogy, Max and company are still running for their lives, making enemies and allies along the way. One of those allies is Anne Walker, a nice enough woman who gives the team shelter and food, and even sends them to a normal school! Content for the moment, Max lives there, trusting Anne– but can she really be trusted? In a web of deceit and lies, the gang finds out that the only people they can trust are themselves.

Once again, James Patterson delivers a great novel that’s wonderful for both children and adults. He makes his characters very real and tangible, while still keeping that element of surprise for what they’ll do next. The story continues right where it left off, and when it ends, it leaves you wanting even more.

Follow the mystery and intrigue in this thrilling adventure of fantasy, action, and teen angst. Because really– what more could you want?

Maximum Ride: School’s Out-Forever is a nominee for the Teens Top 10. To request it from the library, click here. If it’s your favorite, don’t forget to place your vote during Teen Read Week, October 14-20, 2007.

Review by Cassie (a teen!) @ Wake Forest Library


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