Book of the Day: The Christopher Killer by Alane Ferguson


The Christopher Killer is an exciting and fast-paced book for all those CSI fans out there. Cameryn Mahoney is an average teenager in Silverton, CO, with a burning desire to pursue a career as a forensic pathologist. To help further her career path, she convinces her coroner father to hire her as his assistant. He reluctantly agrees over the objections of her grandmother, with whom Cameryn and her father live.

The first case Cameryn is called upon to assist with involves the murder of her friend Rachel. Rachel’s case is made all the more intriguing when there is evidence the crime was committed by a serial killer. A psychic who believes she predicted Rachel’s murder comes to town under the belief he can help police solve the crime. The psychic and the supernatural do not sit well with Cameryn’s scientific mindset. Another mystery in Cameryn’s life is the new-to-town deputy Justin and his link to her absent mother. Can she and her mother patch things up?

Can Cameryn solve the case of The Christopher Killer in time or will she end up being his next victim? For forensic mystery readers The Christopher Killer is a must read.

The Christopher Killer is a nominee for the Teens Top 10. To request it from the library, click here. If it’s your favorite, don’t forget to place your vote during Teen Read Week, October 14-20, 2007.

Review by Marci @ Duraleigh Road Library


7 Responses to Book of the Day: The Christopher Killer by Alane Ferguson

  1. Alane Ferguson says:

    Thanks so much for choosing my book – what a thrill! Keep reading!

    Alane Ferguson

  2. wakecounty says:

    Thanks for writing, Alane! Wake Teens definitely love a good mystery!

  3. christina says:

    I think that this book was very exciting. I made me keep on reading it.

  4. Claire hamind says:

    This was a very intreging book, full of mysteries and terror. LOVED IT.

    -Thank you

  5. Jakoby L says:

    Fantastic book! I’ve read allof Alane’s other books absolutely fantastic. Wonderful job.

  6. jacob says:

    It’s not her first case she helps withe the dead guy in the bath tube in the beginning.

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