Book of the Day: Shock Point by April Henry


Cassie Streng has just discovered how and why three teens mysteriously died but never has the chance to prove it.  Her psychiatrist stepfather has been injecting “out of control” teens with an experimental drug without their parents consent. When Cassie realizes what has happened, she is suddenly sent to a “resort” school, which turns out to be a prison camp! She needs to escape, but the harsh living and authoritative leaders hinder her attempts. Cassie learns about self-preservation and who she can really trust. It’s a fun book to read, but there are definitely holes in the plot. If you are ready for a good suspense/action book, this one may fit the bill.  

Shock Point is a nominee for the Teens Top 10.  To request it from the library, click here.  If it’s your favorite, don’t forget to place your vote during Teen Read Week, October 14-20, 2007. 

Review by Andrea @ East Regional Library


3 Responses to Book of the Day: Shock Point by April Henry

  1. April Henry says:

    Wow! Thanks for talking about Shock Point. I’ll have my figners crossed all week long next week.

    I also really liked Life As We Knew It, another nominee. I wish I had written it!

  2. wakecounty says:

    Ms. Henry,
    What an honor to have you visit our blog. We are very excited about the upcoming teen vote, as well. Good luck to you and all the authors.

  3. tyler says:

    this is an extremely good book. Sometimes have a hard time putting the book down and doing my other homework. it keeps an ambuiguis ending of every chapter

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