Murder Most Foul

I have no idea how I managed to read two novels in one weekend, but I did.  It was probably that both titles are full of suspense and both involve murder, yet they are two very different books.

The White DarknessThe White Darkness: A Novel, by Geraldine McCaughrean, recently won the 2008 Michael L. Printz Award (an award given annually for excellence in YA literature by the American Library Association).  It has been a while since I’ve truly liked the book that won the award (since, like, 2004, actually) so I was really pleased that this thriller made it to the top of the heap this year.  It’s the story of a girl named Sym, who travels to Antarctica with her uncle, who is pretty much obsessed with the continent and a great scientific discovery he believes he will make.  The problem is that he is determined to make that discovery at whatever the cost.  Sym is faced with a fight for survival like that of the early Antarctic explorers — will she come out alive?

Breathe My NameIn Breathe My Name, author R.A. Nelson introduces us to Frances Robinson, a typical teen with a typical life… or maybe not so typical.  Eleven years ago, Frances’ biological mother smothered her three younger sisters, and Frances would have been a goner, too, if not for the arrival of a total stranger with extremely lucky timing.  Now Frances, who lives in a different town with adoptive parents, seems to be living a normal life.  She has a best friend and even maybe a boyfriend, and things are going fine, until she receives a letter from the biological parent who tried to take Frances’ life.  Written in alternating chapters of Frances’ first-person narrative and harrowing flashbacks, this novel draws us into Frances’ past, her present struggles in coming to terms with her past, and her fears and hopes for the future.

These titles are available at your local Wake County Public Library.  Reserve a copy today!


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