TTW Scavenger Hunt Questions 3 and 4

Questions 3 and 4 are posted below! One name will be drawn from today’s correct entries to win an iPod Shuffle!

If you haven’t already done it, download the Scavenger Hunt Answer Sheet to record your answers. You will need to have all of your answers at the end of the week to unscramble the highlighted letters to spell a book title and author — and enter for the grand prize, an XBOX 360!

3: Which website, featured in a post on WCPL’s Flip The Switch: Teens aWake blog, will donate 10 grains of rice to a hungry family for every vocabulary word you get correct in their quiz?

4: Flip the Switch: Teens aWake has many book reviews posted. What book was reviewed on September 27, 2007?

Once you have your answers, click here to enter them online!

Good luck, and remember to post your answers by midnight tonight to be eligible for the iPod Shuffle drawing!


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