Oh my gosh, you guys!  I forgot to factor in the weekend (when many of us library-types are off) when doing the work of drawing the last winners.  I am so sorry to leave you all hanging for two whole days!

First, let me announce our Thursday, Friday and Grand Prize winners:

Thursday’s iPod Shuffle was awarded to Austin, age 15, who uses the Wake Forest Library.

Friday’s iPod Classic goes to Sean, age 12, an Eva Perry Library frequenter.

Our Grand Prize XBOX winner is Andrew, age 14, who uses the West Regional Library.

Congratulations, guys!  We hope you enjoy your prizes!!

(BTW, if you haven’t gotten a call from your friendly teen librarians letting you know that you have won, you will soon!)

I’d like to extend one more thank you to everyone who participated in our contest!  It looks like the overwhelming majority of you would like to see something like this again in the future, so we will see what we can do here at the library to make that happen.

Of course, we couldn’t have given away such awesome prizes without our sponsors, the Friends of the Wake County Public Library, Inc. and SavageGeek, Inc.  To find out more about these great sponsors, please visit their web pages!


One Response to Winners!

  1. Lina (aka Frizz) says:

    WOW! Congratz. everyone who has won.
    You all must be very happy (without having to pay a single penny)
    and still get a prize. How awesome is that?!

    Just wanted to say my congratz to those who won.
    (GO AUSTIN!)

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