Need some extra cash?

I remember needing money and looking for jobs during the summer when I was in high school and middle school. I usually ended up babysitting or cutting lawns. Not too bad considering that I liked the children I was babysitting (it’s weird that they are now working adults!). But things have changed and there a bunch of great websites for teens to use to find summer jobs!

Check out this pages that’s on the Teen Web Links. It’s a collection of websites that have potential leads for teen jobs!

The libraries also has jobs for pages (the people who shelve the books!) – just check with your favorite library about openings.

Here’s an upcoming event that might be perfect for you too!

Young Adult Employment Workshop (Middle and High School) – Southeast Regional Library
Thursday, May 8, at 4 p.m.
A representative from JobLink will offer job searching tips, and representatives from local businesses will describe what they are looking for when interviewing a prospective employee. A packet including information on how to search for a job, write a resume and properly fill out an application will be provided to each attendee. Call 662-2251 or come by the library to register to attend.


One Response to Need some extra cash?

  1. Nice writing style. I will come back to read more posts from you.

    Susan Kishner

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