Video Study Guides!

I never would have thought this would come to be…but how cool. A video study guide (think Cliffnotes) for the classics of literature. Surely students will read the books as assigned, but having a video to help them figure it out! It seems that it works and would be great for students (or adults) who are visual learners (or missed reading the classics when they were younger)! Check it out:

So has anyone used this website before? What do you think? The commercials are a bit strange, but that makes it free. I wonder if the commercials fit the book (like clothing commercials with The Scarlett Letter).


One Response to Video Study Guides!

  1. Rick Rogerss says:

    Thanks for your post on our company! We’re very happy to hear how Rocketbook has been inspiring and helpful to so many readers. We are actively adding new content and have plans to release a new website in the near future that will offer all of our users an up-to-date forum for their learning and reading needs!

    Please feel free to contact us with any feedback you have and thanks again for finding and blogging about Rocketbook!!!

    – Rick

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