Before I Die Book Review by Ashley from Holly Springs Library

Before I Die: A novel by Jenny Downham


Tessa Scott used to be a normal girl.  But when she was twelve years old, she was diagnosed with Leukemia, a cruel fate in her eyes.  Now, four years later, Tess has decided that she’s going to make the most of what little life she has left.  Tess ends up making a list of all the things she wants to accomplish before she dies.  However, Tess’ list is different from what you’d expect.  Tess wants to accomplish things from losing her virginity and trying drugs to falling in love and getting her parents back together.  With the help of her friend, Zoey, Tess will spend her remaining time checking off her ‘To Do’ list.   

But as the months become weeks, Tess will discover that some of the things she figured were least important, turn out to be the things that matter most.  As she comes to terms with her family, Zoey, and her new friend, Adam, Tess will discover what it really means to live like you were dying.

This book is truly inspirational and keeps you glued to the pages, even after you’re done reading.  Tess’ story is truly uplifting and is a huge wake-up call to the teens who think life isn’t fair.  It shows us to be thankful for everyday we’re living and to appreciate what we have. 



Review by Ashley Spruill


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