What teens are reading…

Cathy’s Key

Teen reader: Kelly, 15 from East Regional Library

Cathy’s Key is an ARG (Alternate Reality Game) so there’s a packet of evidence for you to examine that goes along with the story and websites to visit, nurmbers to call, etc. It makes the story seem more real. Cathy’s Key is the sequel to Cathy’s Book.

Gregor the Overlander

Teen reader: Olivia from East Regional Library

A great adventure that takes place underground with bugs – BIG bugs! Gregor accidentally falls down and take his 2 year old sister with him…and they begin a quest to find their father.

River Secrets

Teen reader: Amanda from East Regional Library

In medievil times there is a war brewing with the people of Baryen. To prevent the war from happening, the king sends some of his best knights…will they be able to stop the war?


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