Book Review: What They Always Tell Us


I just finished reading What They Always Tell Us by first time novelist Martin Wilson. Of course the title and cover art intrigued me – then the story captured me.  I read it every chance I got.  Here’s a quick blurb from our catalog about the book: 16 y.o. Alex feels so disconnected from his friend that he starts his junior year of high school by attempting suicide, but soon a new friend of his brother draws him into cross-country running and a new understanding of himself. – That doesn’t even begin to cover the drama in the book. Alex’s older brother James also tells his story. Wilson creates a pretty accurate picture of high school life – dating, parties, applying for college, sports, etc. Each character is well-developed and can be likened to someone you know. A level of sadness winds throughout the book, even as the characters move towards understanding themselves  and others a little better. The brothers are dramatically different by the end of the book and it is so refreshing to read a book like this with main male characters. Guys experience high school so differently than girls.

My favorite characters (besides James and Alex): Alice, Nathen and Henry. Give it a try – get through the first couple of chapters and see what you think. I was hooked once Alex and Henry went out for fast food.  The tension and desire to find out more kept me reading.

Gabcast! Wake County Teens #1 – What They Always Tell Us

Book review by Andrea @ ERL


2 Responses to Book Review: What They Always Tell Us

  1. Martin says:

    thanks for the nice review/blog post! 🙂

  2. Emily says:

    This book sounds really cool! I will be checking it out next time I go to the library, that’s for sure!

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