Call for Favorite Youtube Videos

Do you have a favorite youtube video?  If you are between the ages of 13 and 18, we would love to include your favorite videos in our Best of Youtube video.  Just write a comment below that gives the URL of the youtube video.  We will be taking submissions and making a DVD that libraries in Wake county will be showing during Teen Tech Week, March 8-12, 2009.  If you have a blog, please encourage people to submit, also.


22 Responses to Call for Favorite Youtube Videos

  1. lindsey from eva perry says:

    The Okay Go Here it goes again Treadmill video

  2. lindsey from eva perry says:

    Twilight Trailer spoof

  3. Shayla Kandell (I LIKE PIE) says:

    How to tell your obsessed with Twilight:

    How to be ninja:

  4. Shayla Kandell (I LIKE PIE) says:

    Funny Car Commercial :

  5. Hannah Henson says:

    Oh, that ones tough. Even tougher that most of my favorite videos have clips from anime……(And therefore copy-writed things)
    I gotta say, I really loved “Crash Test” a short animation about a crash test dummy who wants to become a great magician.

  6. Jared Reeve says:

    Here’s a hilarious one:

    “That’s your horoscope for today” by Weird Al, gotta love him.

  7. Shayla Kandell says:


    Are we human? Twilight:

  8. Caroline DeVries says:

    I really like this vid my little bro showed me when twilight came out. If you’ve read the books, seen the movie, or even just watched the trailer on tv, you’ll laugh at this.

  9. Shayla Kandell says:

    This is for every one who likes the Jonas Bros.

    Joe Jonas is… EDWARD CULLEN!

  10. lindsey from eva perry says:

    My cat sat on my lap and watched the entire LITTLE KITTY video. no kidding.

  11. Shayla Kandell says:

    I don’t really like Aly and A.J, but this is a really good video

    Potential Breakup son- Aly and A.J

  12. Emily Ruth says:

    That’s my favorite 🙂 I think its brilliant.

    Some great videos here!

  13. Shayla Kandell says:

    I don’t get Charlie Bit my Finger

  14. katrinaen says:

    Confessions of a Tooth Fairy!!!

  15. lindsey from eva perry says:

    I love cats and watching cats do crazy things. How about this one?

  16. lindsey from eva perry says:

    I just found a new Twilight spoof: High School Musical version.

  17. Emily says:

    Ok, so here is a funny video i came across the other day, and it would seem a lot of others like it as well, judging from the numbers of pageviews. So, without any further ado, here are the Potter Puppet Pals in The Mysterious Ticking Noise.

  18. Liz says:

    Please watch this and give these guys a chance, they are so creative and funny.

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