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West Regional Reads: Love, Stargirl


Love, Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli is one of the most inspirational book I ever read. Stargirl has just moved from Arizona to Pennsylvania from her love, Leo.  She cried over him everyday, leading on to days of 1 out of 20 pebbles in her happy wagon. One day as she was meditating outside, she meets a little girl named Dootsie. Suddenly, she finds herself in a world of an old lady afraid to go outside, an old man who won’t go in, milk deliveries, a girl with growing pains, and most importantly, a boy named Perry that seems to steal a piece of her heart as well as food and money. Then she must choose between Leo and Perry. Will her choice of boy hurt the other? Will everyone be disappointed by her? If you read this book, you definitely won’t be disappointed.

Reviewer: Yebin Park, 12, Cary

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