Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Season Two review

I literally moments ago just finished watching KHR season two, and it totally beat season one. As in, landslide epic win.

So first season, as I mentioned before, had little plot. Sadly. But this season had a REALLY AMAZING PLOT! Which I’ll outline now:

So there’s an elite assasin team in the Vongola, and they’re called the Varia. And their leader is a power-hungry man,  son of the 9th Vongola leader, called Xanxus, who wants to be the Juudaime. Hey, wait, wasn’t that Tsuna’s position? Ohhh snap. You can imagine. And then something called the “Vongola Rings” are revealed as well, that are the things that are given to show the 6 most trusted subordinates (the “Guardians”) of a Vongola leader, as well as one for the Vongola boss himself. So you need all the rings (that are also split in half) to become the Juudaime. TOURNAMENT TIME!

This definitely gave me a flashback to Naruto Chuunin exams, but I get the feeling this took a little less time. I mean, only one season, and it was a good plot. Anyway, so they’re pitted against the Varia and after half the season being devoted to training (NOT boring, surprisingly) they fight. And fight. And fight. And through the smoke and mirrors, through the deception of the inner politics of Vongola, Tsuna has to figure out how to prevent Xanxus’s rise to power and protect his family.

Even though it seems generic tournament subplot, it fleshed out the characters so much. Everyone learns something and everyone changes, for the better. My favorite part? Tsuna finally begins to grow up. After seeing his friends getting beaten down and hurt, he finally resolves to train and become stronger, if only for the sake of his friends. And Tsuna, as a fighter, is really freaking terrifying. x3 GO HYPER DYING WILL MODE!

I luffed it. : D

Improvements galore too! Not as many mini episodes (though there were a couple), less of Tsuna’s one-track Kyoko mind, and they didn’t end the season lamely. I’m happy.

Nitpicks? Uhh. Well. Some things just kinda didn’t make enough sense to me. In the middle of training, why just randomly go to school? If you’re running out of time to begin with, there’s no point. Reborn’s justification just didn’t cut it for me. Also, slight predictability, but that’s generic anime for you. Its all good, still.

So here’s the 3rd opening to the show, still awesome, and in my opinion, equal in amazingness to the second. As is this entire season, although in my opinion it surpassed the first by far and was really fun to watch. Season two completely beat out season one in just about everything. I give my highest reviewer brownie points to KHR, and I’m really hyped up for season 3 right now, which I’m about to start. Sadly though, I’m about to embark on a dark journey though…fillers.

– cue horror music –

Anyone who knows me in real life knows I despise fillers. This may be why I’m a little prejudiced against Naruto, and I’ll say it now. I have never and will never watch that 100 some episode load of Naruto filler. But at least its only 8 episodes in season 3… So for you, my readers (whomever that may be), I’ll do it. Probably mainly because I really really want to get to the Future Arc in KHR…*____________*

Wish me luck…

– Vanessa


14 Responses to Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Season Two review

  1. Mandy says:


    There’s actually KHR fans in the english speaking parts of the internet? Jubulations!

    I have to say, I’ll probably never watch the anime. Fillers + Amamo-sensei’s original art style (aaahhh, Tsuna, you were so uncute then!) = no thanks.

    One of the things you have to love about the manga-ka is that they took a very, very cracky plot and made it make sense. I honestly think KHR was originally meant to be a comedy, makes-no-sense-whatsoever type of manga, before the editor or someone realized that the more serious plots got a lot more attention (it is in Shonen Jump, which is very good about watching every chapter and figuring out what’s popular and what isn’t).

    And yes, Hyper Dying Will Mode (the English manga calls it Hyper Deathperation mode. Ugh.) for the win. It’s odd to find a character who can burn things up AND freeze them with the same power, and make it work. The Vongola are just special like that. 🙂 Plus, I’m so proud of all of them. No longer acting like middle schoolers, are they? I can’t wait to see them get back from the Future Arc, and reacting to the normal lifestyle they want to get back to. ‘No Good Tsuna’, anyone? How odd…

    Okay, I’ve ranted long enough. *blushes* Bye! *runs away*

    • Vanessa says:

      Yes! There are! 😀
      I prefer anime, it lets me multi-task. But that’s just me, I have a friend who refuses to watch anime as well.
      KHR’s brilliant for the reasons you listed, it evolved, and I love that.
      You’re kidding me. Deathperation?
      If they use that in the english dub I’ll have an aneurism.
      And I love how they’re so much more mature now. x3

  2. orangeblaze says:

    Awesome!!! It’s so good to see someone else is into KHR. My friends only read the manga; they think the anime looks weird, so yeah *sigh*. They’re not into KHR as much as I am. I don’t mind the anime or manga.

    I really like KHR, it’s so addicting from something reason XD. I just finished watching season 2 a week ago and am watching season 3 at the moment. Don’t worry, I hate fillers too. Annoys me like hell *glares*. I think season 2 and 3 was better than season 1. Probably because there are lot more things happening. XD

    Okay, I think I bothered you too much. Gonna go XD.

    Bye!!! X3

    • Vanessa says:

      Haha, I would disagree with your friends there. I personally favor the anime style. I feel like such a betrayer to Amano-sensei but…it’s just so pretty!
      I adore seasons 2, 4, and 5 so far.
      No problem! I’m not bothered, I love comments~

      Bye x3

  3. Mika says:

    I though that Season 2 wasn’t even out yet. Season 1 just finished airing it has a total of 203 episodes.

    • Vanessa says:

      I am basically 100% sure this is wrong. Generally seasons have 26 episodes, but in anime this tends to get messed up. If you wikipedia reborn you’ll get the episodes listing which will say what, 8 or so seasons?

      • Obcidian says:

        Wikipedia isn’t a reliable source as people think, its only a “database” of user input information. Normally anime doesn’t run for more then 12, then there are some that run for 26 and 52. Then you get some like reborn, Bleach, Naruto, Fairy Tale that run for a much longer time. Just because they run longer then the norm doesn’t mean its more then one season. Once an anime ends and then a new one continues its always clearly marked that its a season 2, so unless they added “S2” or “season 2” to the make of Reborn its still season 1

  4. soham says:

    are they going to make new series

  5. Obcidian says:

    Reborn only has 1 season, within that season there are many arcs so saying that the Ring Conflict arc is a season is wrong.

    There hasn’t been any info on season 2 yet, but reading from the manga its going to be epic.

    • Vanessa says:

      I’ll take your word for it. I only found out recently that Reborn had gone on a temporary hiatus, since I haven’t been very up to date on the anime. If it’s only been one season so far though, that is one incredibly long season. Anyway, thank you for your information and I’ll keep it in mind for the future. : )

  6. Rainz says:

    For my point of view, the manga itself releasing for each chapter is quite slow……since anime usually releasing each episode once a week, it’ll just too much…..by few months the anime would be the same as the manga and each anime episode usually covered up two to three chapters. similar to anime to naruto, bleach, once piece, etc etc….they would end up placing many fillers into the anime. If you didn’t notice, just the future arc until the future final battle arc already used up 130++ episode without much fillers. It just a matter of time for the anime series to pass over the manga series story….I know the anime is better since I also personally found it way more cooler to watch, But just give them some time until they plan to continue to story. Unnecessary fillers sometime cause boredoms to people to continue watching, I guess that’s the reason why they stopped. Same as Zero no Tsukaima, Shakugan no Shana, Intial D, and etc. Those anime took about few months or years before releasing another new season, caz they need to finish the work for manga series first…since manga series are the “draft” version for anime, after the manga release, they’ll redraw and colouring it for the anime to look much more nicer and cooler.

  7. Nab.R says:

    whatever it is i just wanna watch KHR again and again!!! i LOVE KHR sooo much…its weird to think that i’m so attract to KHR…the strory was really caught my attention when i first watched it…i wanna season 2 in anime…reading only in manga makes me feel unsatisfied as i wanna see them moving and talking and fighting…kyaahhhh i’m in love on how tsuna in his hyper mode…his voice his eyes…kyahahahaha of course when tsuna’s guardians quarrelling…i wanna hear their voices…plz do have season 2…i want to watch their new powers in anime…huwaaaa…..i even put a lot of KHR’s wallpaper in my laptops and i almost scream whenever i saw KHR merchandises….hahahaha this is embarrassing but i wanna share my feelings..KHR is awesome…i love their mafia story…fwahahaha…

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