10 Reasons to Get Into Animanga

So I realized (more of reminded) that a lot of people still don’t watch anime, even if a bunch of people already do, and unless I give some reasons, my “WATCH THIS IT’S GOOD OMG” is probably not going to cut it with people. So I’m going to give you 10 reasons to start watching anime, or at least 10 reasons anime and manga are good.


1. Anime has no restrictions. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN, and “Expect the unexpected”, to quote Kero from Cardcaptor Sakura. Unlike in a TV show where they have a budget and concepts might have to be thrown out for costs and stuff, anime is whatever you want. You can literally go into a store devoted to manga and anime and just be shocked at the variety. Ideas aren’t thrown away for mundane reasons. And pfft, who needs physics and stuff that makes sense? That usually just goes out the window. Its fantasy, so who cares?

2. For that, there’s an anime for everyone. Like ninjas? (Naruto) Like pirates? (One Piece) Do you like the idea of reaper ghosts? (Bleach) What about an amazing hair-cutting girl? (Beauty Pop) Or even…an aspiring revenge-getting actress? (Skip Beat) There are so many anime series with so many concepts. It’s impossible to list everything they encompass. Be it your shonen or shoujo, you can find your preferences and act accordingly.

3. It’s a simple and distinctive art style. Unlike cartoons, which so many people seem to think that animanga is, (“Oh, that stuff? It’s Japanese cartoons.”) animanga tends to be a lot more detailed. It’s also not restricted to pure, usually boring, comedy. Anime can be serious. Anime can be bloody. It all depends on what you watch.

4. Culture appreciation! As corny as it sounds, it is good to learn to appreciate other cultures. A lot of anime incorporates Japanese culture into it, and by watching subtitles episodes of some shows, I’ve managed to pick up some Japanese and the form of some sentences. Huzzah : D

5. The soundtracks. Are. Amazing. Sometimes producers will have VA’s (voice actors) sing songs in their characters voices, OP and ED music (opening and ending themes) are always cool, and you’re guaranteed to have never heard the song before on the radio…mostly because it’s Japanese, but I digress. The point is, it’s good. Like, really good. And if you’re into new music, you should definitely check out anime.

6. Anyone can learn how to draw their own animanga. Develop your own style! I know many people who are absolutely amazing at drawing in animanga style, and developed their own from observing other styles. They’re good enough to be mangaka themselves, and I know some aspire to be. Its definitely not impossible with their skill, so if you love it enough and practice, one day you could be a mangaka too.

7. It. Is. Everywhereeeee! On Youtube, in your library, in bookstores- It’s so easy to walk in and pick up a book, or rent out a video…or even just stream it through Youtube. You can’t say you’re too lazy to go read some manga or watch some anime, just try to escape it…o________o

8. Cosplaying. Conventions. You have to love the community. If you’ve ever walked through downtown Raleigh on certain days in May, you’ll notice a bunch of otaku walking around dressed as…as…what on earth are they dressed as!? That would be Animazement, darlings, and it’s just about the most fun I have dressing up ever year, even more than Halloween. In fact, its like a 3-day Halloween with a little less candy. Cosplay is very fun, and you really do get recognized sometimes. Conventions are 10.5x that much fun. Even if you’re not into anime, you should go…

9. It’s addicting. It’s a very good way to spend time. It’s like the most simple way ever to make time go faster. Go to your library, pick up one of your favorite mangas, and I swear the hours just fly by when you’re into it. Watch your favorite animes and you can last weeks with some new episodes. Its a great way to spend your summer.

10. The fandom! You can make so many new friends at anime clubs, online on forums (Parental permission pending, of course), and just anywhere animanga is appreciated in general. Look around and you’re sure to find your niche.

My Top Ten of Animanga:

1. Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
2. Fullmetal Alchemist
3. Code Geass
4. Ghost Hunt
5. Death Note
6. Naruto
7. Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A
8. Air Gear
9. Tsubasa Chronicles
10. Skip Beat

So that about wraps it up here. I really believe everyone should at least try to see if they like animanga, because I remember when I started it was only because my best friend forced me. I thought it was strange, weird, and sometimes it is. But once you start to understand it, you can’t let go. So head off to your local library and go to the manga section- or even just stay on your computer and head off to Youtube. Look around, see if you find something you like. ;3

– Vanessa

VA = Voice Actor, or Seiyuu.
Shonen = Manga genre mainly targeted towards boys, generally has more violence (Popular magazine is Shonen Jump)
Shoujo = Manga genre targeting girls. It generally features more magic, and much less violence, than shonen. (Popular magazine is Shoujo Beat)
Mangaka = An artist that draws manga, usually for a living.
Otaku= Roughly translated, freak, geek, or nerd.
Cosplay = Dressing up as a character from any franchise.


5 Responses to 10 Reasons to Get Into Animanga

  1. lindsey @ eva perry library, apex says:

    Vanessa, you’re awesome :-J

  2. sarge says:

    Great website. Very professional and well thought out! Thanks!

  3. hqwxuz says:

    Why isn’t Bleach on your top ten O.o

  4. Vanessa says:

    I actually recently realized I’ve been using the word “otaku” wrong. =.= It’s not a good term, so I shouldn’t have said that. It does mean “anime freak”, but not in a really nice way…

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