West Regional Reads: 3 Willows

West Regional Reads: 3willows3 Willows by Ann Brashares

Even after the girls of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants go onto college, new roots continue sprouting.  The Sisterhood grows.

Polly, Jo, and Ama were once best of friends.  But as they age, they slowly grow apart. Jo hangs out with the “cooler” crowd. Polly is mostly by herself. And Ama just focuses on her studies. But, as Brashares says, “summer is a time to grow.”
Jo goes off to her family’s beach house, working as a bus girl. But the summer changes unexpectedly. Jo finds herself in a brief fling with an older guy, and when Polly comes to visit her, she finds herself embarrassed by Polly’s childish behavior. Her family is also being split apart, and Jo realizes that she is missing something – her friends.
When Polly finds out that her grandmother was a model, she is inspired to be one too. She begins to go on a diet, and completely changes herself. She goes to modeling camp, and finally to a modeling convention. She also finds out why her mother is never at any of her events – her mother was hiding. She also finds out what being herself truly means.
Ama is excited to win a scholarship to a summer camp that counts as a credit. But when the program sends her to a wilderness camp, she can’t stand it. She hates her hair, she hates the hikes, she hates the cliffs, and she hates her tent mate. But when she truly starts to see the beauty of the wilderness, she begins to rethink her doubts.
All three of these girls were separated. But now they’re together again. And they don’t need any magical pants – they just need each other, and maybe three willow trees.

Ann Brashares spins her knowledge of friendship, life, and growing up into this wonderful read, written especially for teenage girls just going into high school. I know I enjoyed this book, and especially if you’re a teenage girl, you’ll be able to connect to this novel.

Reviewer: Hilary, age 14, Cary

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