Book Review: Along for the Ride

I am loving Along for the Ride, the new book by Sarah Dessen. Her style of writing is very realistic – she take ordinary situations and really delves into the dynamics of the relationships, portraying the intimacy and intracacies of them.

There are some typical characters and themes that I have found in her other books. But, that’s not bad – they are just explored in a different context. The demanding mother, overachieving or trying to be perfect/live up to expectations daughter, teen guys who help the girl see life in a new way.

In this book, I love the two mothers – Heidi and the professor mom. They are dyametrically opposed to one another and slowly perfect exterior crumbles and you glimpse at their personal struggles.

The father is a whole other story. Ah, I just want to yell at him!

Set in a beach town, this is a gripping summer read. The characters have more than one dimension. There isn’t the “cute girl”. It’s the cute girl who loves pink, is brilliant and can sell clothes too! Dessen breaks the stereotypes we see in many teen novels and provides the depth so much enjoyed in her books. Now, I gotta get back to reading.

Let me know what you think! What is your favorite Sarah Dessen novel?


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