Wake Forest Reads: Perfect and The Unforgiving Minute

Wake Forest Reads: Perfect by Natasha Friendperfect

★ ★ ★ 3 stars

This book is about 13-year-old Isabelle whose life is far from perfect. She has an eating disorder, a “snitching” sister, a depressed mom, and worst of all, a dead father. A girl from her school, Ashley, seems to have a perfect life, but when Isabelle sees her at her eating disorder group and they become friends, Isabelle begins to see otherwise.

Teen Reviewer: Elizabeth, 13

Wake Forest Reads: The Unforgiving Minute by Craig Mullaneyunforgiving

★ ★ ★ 3 stars

I was really impressed with this book. It was hard to stop reading. I love the way the author describes his experiences with the Army Rangers. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in the military.

Teen Reviewer: Holly, 14

*This blog post got Elizabeth and Holly each tickets in the prize drawing for our Teen Summer Contest. Click here to find out how to enter!*


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