The Luxe by Anna Godbersen

The Luxe is a book that you have probably seen at Barnes and Noble or Borders on that “summer reading” stand. Or perhaps you’ve seen the other books in the series: Rumors, or Envy.  My friend has been telling me about this book for the longest time, trying to get me to read it. Finally, I gave in and bought it, but it sat on my shelf for a very long time before I really got into it. I have to say that, like Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, it is difficult to “get into” but once you do, you can’t put it down! The Luxe follows five teenagers in the year 1899:  Elizabeth, Diana, Penelope, Henry, and Lina. Their home of Manhattan is ruled by gossip and yellow journalism, and strung together with expensive dresses and parties.  The Luxe is full of dirty scandals, shocking twists, and even forbidden love ;). It is written in a very effective way: switching the point of views between characters every chapter.  Almost every chapter ends in a cliffhanger that leaves you shocked, horrified, and maybe even disgusted.  I can’t say too much else without spoiling it…so read it! You can read an excerpt for free (legally) at:; to request a copy from Wake County libraries, click here.


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