Introducing…Me! Nicole

Hey guys! I’m Nicole. I’m part of the Wake County Eva Perry Mock Printz book club, and I’m also a big library supporter! 😀

I’m sure you’re curious what I’m gonna be blogging about, so let me tell you what I KNOW I’ll be doing.

I’ll probably be continuing to read my Mock Printz books, and then I’ll blog about them. That way I can share with you, the readers, the good the bad and the ugly books. I promise I’ll do my best not to spoil anything.

Also, I’ll probably write about music, and wrock (wizard rock) music in particular.  I also may write about just random teen issues, and topics that come up.

If you guys want me to write about anything in particular though, or if you want me to read a certain book and then write about it, let me know! I’m up for suggestions!

Anyways! I hope you guys enjoy what I write.


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