East Regional Reads: News for Dogs

newsfordogs*This blog post got Kayla a ticket in the prize drawing for our Teen Summer Contest. Click here to find out how to enter!*

News for Dogs by Lois Duncan

Another fantastic book by Lois Duncan! I’m not a big reader but I became a bookworm when I got this book from the Library! “News for Dogs” is about this teenager, Bruce, also from Lois Duncan’s “Hotel for Dogs”, and his little sister, Andi, trying to raise money with a doggy paper. Bruce and Andi get a couple of friends together and create a newspaper for dogs called “The Bow Wow News”. Bruce needs the money to pay for his new Irish Setter, Red Rover. He bought Red from his neighbors, the Gordon’s. Jerry Gordon had owned the dog before Bruce, but was not treating the dog well. Jerry is a spoiled, rotten kid who always gets his way. Red is afraid of Jerry, so when Jerry scares Red into traffic while Bruce is taking him for a run, Bruce’s parents don’t trust Bruce about taking care of Red.

While busy with their newspaper, Bruce, Andi, and their two friends get themselves into a little trouble with some neighbors. And then Jerry’s big bad cousin comes to town. But then Bruce and Andi’s parents go away on a trip. Suddenly, when dogs start disappearing left and right everything goes  berserk! I encourage you to read this book. And trust me, you cant put it down. . . I couldn’t!

Teen Reviewer: Kayla Cowan, 12, Raleigh


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