Anime Vs. Manga: Pro-Manga

Well Nessa pretty much summed up what was going on in her first post so if you have no idea what’s going down go to this post here: Nessa’s First Post. However, if you’re like me, then you’re probably too lazy to read her post as well as mine…so just read mine. XD Anyways, Nessa and I are debating over which is better, Manga, Anime, or…… Manga. Of course Manga is much better than Anime. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m defending Manga.

So why is Manga better?

Well first of all, Manga is basically a book and you’re actually reading instead of mindlessly watching television. I’m going to assume that most people who read library blogs like to read somewhat. Also you can start or stop reading whenever you want to. Manga is portable which is in my opinion a big plus. You can take Manga to school if you want to, or to the park (I don’t know why you would want to bring a Manga book to the park…BUT it’s nice to have options :P). Pictures allow you to use your imagination instead of having all the animation done for you.

Anime has sound and voice actors, which is nice, but Manga allows you to create your own voices for each character. The characters from an Anime series may not always sound the way you think they should. In anime the voice actors are usually great, don’t get me wrong, but other times they are somewhat sub par. I always love the Anime soundtrack though…oh wait, I’m defending Manga…moving on >>. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about when I say that some voice actors are sub par: Nunnally from the Anime Code Geass has an extremely annoying high pitched voice. This however isn’t just my opinion, as Vanessa has admitted that she finds that Nunnally’s voice is irritating too.

Another reason to read Manga is that it doesn’t have as many Filler Arcs which is basically a side story that doesn’t have to do with the main story line. Filler Arcs are extremely annoying which is why I read Manga nowadays (There are also some other reasons but they aren’t important). One of the reasons Manga doesn’t have as many Filler Arcs is that Anime is based off of the Manga. Whenever the Anime starts to catch up to the Manga it has to start a Filler Arc so that the Manga can get ahead of the Anime again. The Anime can just not follow the Manga, of course, but that can often end in disaster. Umm…like Fullmetal Alchemist. Even Vanessa has admitted that she won’t even speak of the old anime anymore. They started an entirely different anime just to fix it, so the original anime is in some ways like an entirely different universe. …That doesn’t seem good.

Manga is often ahead of Anime and considered the “True” timeline as well;. Reading Manga is like having a time machine and friends XD. Since Manga is often ahead of Anime you can rub it into the faces of your friends that watch Anime. Don’t spoil the story for you friends though unless you don’t mind having a couple less friends…

Well, that’s my first post. Stay tuned for our next installment. Feel free to comment, give advice, or post your opinions.


5 Responses to Anime Vs. Manga: Pro-Manga

  1. lindsey @ eva perry library, apex says:

    There’s a couple of faulty arguments in here. One, to say you can start and stop manga whenever you want and not do so with anime is untrue. The pause button works great when you want to stop. Two, in this age, anime can be portable if you have one of those fancy phones that plays movies are a portable DVD player even works nice. I think your more potent arguments involve enjoying using the imagination better.

  2. vivalalindsay says:

    sadly, the only manga i’ve read (or anime watched) is Pokemon. And I’m not sure if that’s real anime/manga. But there are differences between the manga and the anime, and personally I prefer the manga. It’s much more satisfying to read something that’s tangible. To feel the pages turn, and to see how far you’ve read. Although anime is entertaining, it is very…mmm…temporary, i think. If you bought a manga book, read it, and put it on your bookshelf, you can look at it and say: hey! I read that book! And then you can read it again ^^

  3. Vanessa says:

    Pokemon’s totally anime and manga. xD
    I find manga too short. I’ve only ever bought one (Inuyasha volume ~25 maybe?) and the other (Dragonball Volumes 1-3) was a gift. You just blaze through them too fast. That’s why I always go to the library for my manga. >.<

  4. Meow says:

    wel totally agree anime is based on a manga story. 1 thing that had me thinkin is that both manga & anime differ from each other

    not all actions that you see in a manga are produced in an anime, so basicly manga has more action than anime.
    they are both portable is true, but at some point u still get stuck, the part where u can imagine, manga gives yout hat option , anime however doesn’t do that

  5. watch anime says:

    great blog just found it, really hope to hear more. Anime is my favorite and i wish to go to japan one day and having blogs like this really makes me excited to visit soon. Great work, learned allot and cant wait and great job with the blog!

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