Harry Potter! Say What?

I’m a fan of Harry Potter. The books and wizard rock more so then the movies. I must say, though, I was highly impressed with the sixth Harry Potter movie.

Perhaps there are some parts missing that I forgot, but it seemed as though it stayed true to the plot line. The only thing is, it was apparently rated PG. At least, that’s what I thought, so some scenes were cut out.

One of the things that bothered me about the moving was the ending. The ending was slightly lame. I’m like what?? Seriously??

The graphics have definitely improved though. If you watched a Harry Potter marathon before you saw the sixth movie you can definitely see the differences in the movie’s graphics from the first one to the sixth one. You can also watch Harry and company grow up too, which is kinda cool.

My experience over all was pretty awesome. I sat out with my friend from 5pm till 12am for the midnight premier. We managed to get soaked by sprinklers, which was kind of funny, and in the theatre everyone sang happy birthday to Harry when it hit midnight. Besides the singing, there was a line of people with kazoos who did the Harry Potter theme song. And last but not least, there was most definitely some beach balls floating around the theatre! So I had a great time.

The movie is definitely worth seeing if you’re a Harry Potter fan, and if you’re not, well perhaps you’ll appreciate the graphics or maybe the story line. I don’t know.

Leave me your comments about the movie! I want to hear what you think!!!



11 Responses to Harry Potter! Say What?

  1. lindsey @ eva perry library, apex says:

    Hey there,
    I heard there were some plot differences in the burning the Burrow scene. Was that in the books? And maybe a few other scenes, but I don’t remember honestly. What did you not like about the ending? Was it different than the books or you just found it depressing?

  2. lindsey @ eva perry library, apex says:

    I’m ready for the last movie to be out. The ending of part 6 has little hope in it.

    • Nicole says:

      yeah, you’re right, I don’t think that that scene was in the book, but it didn’t seem too outrageous to me. I think it helped show that Remus and Tonks had a relationship going on if you paid attention closely. I think it also was there to show Harry and Ginny’s relationship. Other scenes I don’t know, I haven’t read the sixth book since it came out. The ending, Harry or someone was just like, Oh Hogwarts is so beautiful, I’m like wow really? And I don’t the movie had an epic battle scene and the book did. I’m not sure.. I also think that there is going to be two movies to the 7th one. part one and part two, at least that’s what I heard

  3. vivalalindsay says:

    A couple of my friends told me that there was this “epic battle” that was cut out or something, but I haven’t read the series, so I wouldn’t know. I am going to try to read the series, but it’s not on the top of my “i have to read this” list. I’ll probably wait ’till after the last movie. Anyway, I LOVED this movie! I really got into it, and for some reason it was like bonding with my kid sister. But I preferred the romance and getting to know the characters emotionally to these wizard battles and such. **SPOILER**
    I loved the part when Ron said “Hermione” in his sleep and that annoying stalker girl ran off in tears. MWAHAHA! But I was sad that they didn’t even kiss or anything :(.

  4. vivalalindsay says:

    Oh, one more thing. (hehe. i have a lot to say) I agree that the ending was kinda crummy. It reminded me a lot of the ending of Episode 5 of Star Wars when Leia and Luke were standing beside each other looking out into space. But there wasn’t an epic theme when the credits began. And I didn’t understand why Ron was sitting way over on the other end 0__0′ I was all like, “Dude, go over there and kiss Hermione or something.” :(( dang romantic suspense!!!

    • Nicole says:

      haha, yeah it probably is a great bonding experience especially if you hung out for seven hours like I did waiting for the movie! Now that I think about it there is probably an epic battle scene. But I’m not sure. Like I’ve probably said before, I haven’t read the book in a while. The movie was also PG so perhaps that is why there wasn’t any kissing at the end! I don’t know it was lame! But I’m glad you enjoyed the movie 😀

  5. Vanessa says:

    I am actually way too cheap to get out to a theater and watch it, even though I’ve been a die-hard Harry Potter fan since first grade. Wow, fail. xD But yeah, I’ve been hearing all this stuff about it and whatever happened in the movie, I think that if you have enough people saying that the changes were acceptable, then that’s all cool then, neh? And I really liked Radcliffe’s hair in the 3rd movie =w= so it kind of pleased me to see it go back to something similar. Sort of. Although I winced in the trailer. Luna wouldn’t wear something like that, I think. (Not the spectroscopes, the pink suit…) The collapsing bridge was super cool looking…and scary. Hermione’s smacking of Ron and Harry had me giggling. That’s EXACTLY what I would have done. x3 And my friend is now telling me to mention that “they sort of screwed up the point of the movie, because they never explained the Half-Blood Prince and yes, the epic battle was cut D:”.

    Ranting done. Cheers. xD

    • Nicole says:

      Indeed, they did kinda screw up the point of the movie, but I think they’ve messed up a lot of the movies. I think the best one is the third one, it stayed pretty close to the actual plot line. I would definitely rent it or wait for it to come out on TV, especially if you are a die hard fan. Hermonie and Ron’s relationship in the movie is funny. I absolutely love how they portrayed Lavander Brown.

      But yeah! thanks for the rant! I appreciate hearing feed back 😀 ❤

  6. bookworm123 says:

    Hey !
    I just saw the movie in IMAX and 3-D. The graphics were excellent! The quidditch scenes and the scenes in the beginning with Bellatrix and her accomplices flying through the city were the best and were completely in 3-D. But a lot of parts were missing in the movie and some of the things were changed around. I liked it but it wasn’t my absolute favorite Harry Potter movie yet. I was kinda mad that nothing was explained. Like anyone who had not read the books would not know at all what was going on . Ron and Hermoine ttly cute ! Lavender was really annoying just like she was supposed to be . Harry and Ginny weren’t supposed to happen the way they did but it was still cute. Hogwarts really is BEAUTIFUL! lol 😛
    xoxo bOOkwORm123

    • Nicole says:

      Yeah, but they’ve always botched the movies. I think the 7th ones they’re suppose to be doing a better job on.. I mean, you can’t botch the last movies otherwise people will revolt!! I’m glad you still liked it, and thanks for leaving a comment 😀

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