Owl City: The Best Band You’ve Never Heard of

oceanEyes250.jpg image by umrg_newmedia

Adam's Newest Album

So I was surfing around on iTunes, and I found free music! I must be pretty slow to have my iPod for two years now and not see the “Single of the Week.” It was called Fireflies by Owl City.

I raised my eyebrows for a moment, questioning the sanity of a band who called themselves “Owl City.” What does Owl City mean anyway? I’m still wondering. But after all, I’d heard odder band names.  So I shrugged in late summer boredom, and listened to the little snippet of the song that iTunes gave me. Let me just say that it was love at first sound! Excited by my new discovery of this band, I googled Owl City. I found the official blog or whatever, and it turns out that this “band” is actually one guy named Adam Young. There is something about his electronic/pop music that just touches me right here ~touches heart~. It’s deep, catchy, and highly original. If you don’t believe me: listen to some songs! Some suggestions to start you off: Fireflies, Strawberry Avalanche, and the Saltwater Room.  Also, if you want to go to the official website, you can click on the picture :D. And hey, if you like Owl City, I’d love for you to comment on this entry! Have funnn!

❤ Lindsay ❤


4 Responses to Owl City: The Best Band You’ve Never Heard of

  1. Emily Ruth says:

    *goes to listen*
    thanks for sharing!

  2. boo says:

    first heard them in taptap revenge. 🙂 now i’m in love. thanks!

  3. lindsey @ eva perry library, apex says:

    Looks like you caught this trend before it became big. I have seen tons of people posting about this band on Facebook.

  4. Nicole says:

    I looked up this band and I’m not sure why people like this. I really like mellow music, but this band just did not fancy my taste. Glad you enjoy them though!

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