Public Enemies: Movie Review

I went and saw Public Enemies a few days ago.  The movie stars Johnny Depp, best known for his Pirates of the Caribbean movies and Christian Bale, you might remember him from a little film called the Dark Knight. By the way, this movie is rated R and intended for ages 17 and up. 

The movie is essentially about the main character (Johnny Depp) breaking people out of prison and then continuing on a bank robbing spree, while Christian Bale tries to chases him down.

This movie was rather lame and quite frankly disappointing. I’m not sure why it’s rated R, but perhaps it’s all the violence. All that really happens in this movie is that there is a lot of gun fights and so on; not much fun for girls.

Also,  I believe this is a strange role for Johnny Depp to chose; it’s not at all like his other roles. However, if you’re a Johnny Depp fan, you want to check it out as a rental.

Overall, this is not a film I would recommend.  I’m hoping Johnny Depp’s next movie is much better.



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