Sirena by Donna Jo Napoli

So I was searching through the library last week, as I often do, and I found an interesting book titled, Sirena, with a picture of a mermaid on the front. The only mermaid story I’d ever read (okay, watched) was Disney’s The Little Mermaid, so why not open my horizons to a new kind of mermaid story? I had read Donna Jo Napoli’s Spinners and was convinced that this would be another magical deep fairytale to touch me deep within.And I was right! Sirena is  a quick read, took me about one morning to finish, but it’s a story you’ll remember long after you’re done. It is a little dark, as most of Napoli’s books are, but at the same time it is a beautiful tale that is completely unexpected. Sirena (which my dad told me means “mermaid” in spanish 🙂 ) is about a mermaid (duh) who falls in love with a human. Unlike The Little Mermaid, the whole point of Sirena is to find a human guy and make him fall in love with you. If the mermaid succeds at making him fall in love, she will be granted eternal life.  The mermaids lure the humans to the shore with their sweet songs and then the humans would fall in love with them because of the sound of their voices. When an accident happens,  Sirena runs away to a hidden island to stay away from the  humans forever. If you like mythology, you will absolutely love this book!

You can reserve Sirena by Donna Jo Napoli (and you’ll get it as soon as I turn it back in, heh heh) by clicking on the picture.


One Response to Sirena by Donna Jo Napoli

  1. Edward at SER says:

    This is a very good book indeed! I particularly enjoyed how the cadence of Napoli’s writing brings to mind the classical tales.

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