City Of Glass-Book Review

I just recently finished City Of Glass by Cassandra Clare. Boy, I am so happy about the ending, even though me, the one that sucks at predicting things, predicted things. This book was amazing.

If you read ahead, there are some spoilers. You are warned.

I read the first book, City of Bones awhile ago, and I just recently posted a review on City of Ashes. So I have to say, the series is amazing. You can sit down and read the entire series in a week or two and be quite happy about it.

City of Glass is the third and final book in the Mortal Instruments series. It has a happy ending, because of course everything works out perfectly.

In this book, Valentine is out to destroy the Clave, which is essentially the society of Demon hunters, to remake it. He wants to make it more pure. All the while Clary is trying to find a book that will help cure her mom.  In the end, there is a giant battle.

Like in many last-of-the-series books, there are a lot of details being wrapped up, with little or no new content. You get all you need of romance and then some.

So, I have to say this book is fun, but very predictable. I can’t predict anything, and I was predicting stuff as soon as I began reading.

Overall a great book. If you want to get this at the library here’s a link. You may have to wait a while, because when I last checked there was 12 holds on it.

Let me know what you think of this book!



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