Katekyo Hitman Reborn Season 4 Review

Finished with KHR, season 4. Again, I LOVED IT!

This time I have more nitpicks than I did with season two, but this idea is just so original. Epic wuv. I’ll outline the plot now:

So Reborn is hit with Lambo’s 10-Year Bazooka. And uh oh…well…no one appears in his place. So to try and get answers, Tsuna accidentally gets blasted into the future and finds out two things. One: In 10 years, Sawada Tsunayoshi will have lost his life. Two: The 10-Year Bazooka is malfunctioning. He’s going to be staying a while.

Without further ado, within several episodes all of his guardians except Hibari and Ryohei have been sent to the future with him, and most of his family, as well. Big changes. For one, rings and boxes are the new way to battle, and if they don’t learn how to use them, they don’t stand a chance of surviving. Also, Vongola is being destroyed by another family called “Millefiore”, and they want to…do something bad. Not sure what it is yet. But it’s bad. This has to be the most amazing season of them all so far. The entire thing is a training arc in itself, but its really fun to watch. Yamamoto, Gokudera, and of course, Tsuna, grow up a lot. And not just because they’re in the future. You get true insights into their characters and see exactly how much they all have matured, especially Tsuna. It shows a lot about him in two critical scenes, the first and second time he lights his Sky Ring, and when he meets his Vongola predecessors.

The first time, Reborn first reminds him that he doesn’t have to be cool, in fact he can’t. The only way for him to fight in this world is to remember that his only goal isn’t to be a hero–it’s to protect his family. Through his realization and acceptance of that truth, he learns how to light his ring and passes the first hurdle in fighting in the TYL world. (TYL = Ten Years Later) And when he meets the past Vongola bosses, that’s a seriously powerful, turning scene. The Vongola Ring gives him images of all the crimes the Vongola has commited, most notably among those…murder, blackmail, betrayal. Crying, dying from lack of oxygen, he screams out “I don’t want this kind of power! If you’re going to make me succeed all of these mistakes…I’ll destroy the Vongola!” Tsuna truly is a kid with a big heart, and everyone knows he would destroy the Vongola before he would kill to let it survive. I think that shows more about him than anything else.  On that note, Tsuna’s still fighting his fate! But he’ll get used to it…soon enough >:D Kufufufu…

Anyway, nitpick time! It takes quite a while to get into the plot. You’d think in their situation that there would be no time for mini-episodes (the future arc begins from the first episode) but apparently, there’s always time for a mini-episode! And I mean, a 3-4 episode long streak of people getting out of HQ and getting almost caught. Do they never learn? There’s a pretty big plot hole too: They introduced a new form of Mosca robot that could track ring signals, though whenever any of them used their rings after that one second episode with one, they never appeared. I wonder whether they were forgotten or if its on purpose. And also: WHY SO MANY RECAPS? Every single episode (as far as I can tell) there is at least a 3 minute long recap of what’s happened so far this season. Honestly. I just skip it, its pretty much recycled animation and narration. Kind of irritating.

Plus still no good girl characters. The only reason Chrome is semi-useful is because of Mukuro, and future I-Pin is out of the picture. Rrr. Lal Mirch is an alright replacement, I suppose, but she’s an adult…and the ratio is severely unbalanced. I mean, really. 1:somewherearound10maybe? Bianchi isn’t bad either, but she isn’t exactly used for serious combat for more than a couple episodes at most. But the ending of the season will definitely leave you going “WHAT!?” So cliffhanger-y. I’m really excited to get onto the Milliefore Battle Arc, which should start…next episode! There’s a promise from Reborn to Yamamoto to let him know what his “secret” is as well, very intriguing. You probably won’t hear from me about KHR for a while, since as I said before, KHR is ongoing. Its currently on season 5, and I’ll only be writing my review when I finish the entire season…meaning they’ll have to air and subtitle it first. Sorry! But I leave a really pretty Opening for you guys (number 4) and I honestly hope you’ve taken my advice already and WATCHED THIS ANIME! Please! Don’t let this be in vain…(The song is “88” by LM.C by the way.)

Awesome. Music.

– Vanessa

The main cast of season 4. SO COOL RIGHT? xD


3 Responses to Katekyo Hitman Reborn Season 4 Review

  1. awesome review again ^^ is there a season 5 review i cant seem to find it? thanks 🙂

  2. romel uy says:

    cool hitman reborn is my favorite cartoons

  3. andy says:

    Absolutely spot on with your review I started reading khr a month ago and I’m about 160 episodes in and it is just amazing!

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