A Community For Artists

I haven’t been reading a lot lately, so I can’t post about a book. Instead I’m gonna post about my second favorite hobby, art.

I’m a writer, and even though many may not consider writing to be “art” by some, I still think it’s an art. I also do photography, but more as a hobby then my writing. Photography is definitely classified as an art.

Over the past three years, I’ve been living on a site called deviantART. This is my favorite site of all time. I’ve meet a lot of friends through here, and my writing has definitely grown through the help of this community.

Now, you’re probably wondering, well “what is deviantART?” deviantART is a website that is essentially an online community for artist. On this site everyone has their own gallery, so it’s almost like going to a museum but online. On deviantART, you can post your work, join clubs, chat in the chatrooms, post on forums etc. Through this community you can make a lot of really good friends from all across the globe. For example, I have friends in the U.K, Australia, China, and Canada, along with many people spread out in the states.

Since this is an online community, it still has the normal dangers of any website. You need to be safe. I suggest not posting your age, or where you live or anything like that on here. Be careful! It’s the internet. If you do have problems though, there are admin and staff that will help you to the best of their ability.

If you’re curious about seeing an example of a gallery, or someone’s user page mine is pola-444.deviantart.com

Let me know if you join, you like this site, etc



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