Texting While Driving

I need to start making a list.  I’ll call it ‘Reasons the Human Race Deserve Whatever is Coming’.

First on that list will be Twilight, but I’m not here to talk about that.  This time.  The second item is how we drive.

Look, I know about 4/5ths of teens today have an addiction to texting, as well as everything else that their cellphones do.  But do you have to do it behind the wheel?  I’ll spare you the statistics about how many teen deaths are caused by texting/calling on the cell.  I’m sure you’ve heard it a thousand times.  Even if for many it hasn’t bloody SANK IN.  Friends will understand if they have to wait ten minutes for a reply.  Seriously.  Imagine how they’d feel if someone died ’cause he/she was texting them.

I imagine that this isn’t going to go away any time soon.  However, there are things people do behind the wheel that are just retarded.  For example, let me tell you a story.  I’m a senior, which means that I share a ride with my neighbor/best buddy.  On the way back from school one day, we were behind a car, where a mother had picked up her daughter from school and was heading home.  On the way, the woman decided that the best thing to do was to BRUSH HER HAIR and to PUT IT INTO A BUN.  Now, this might not sound so bad.  But, while we were behind her, the woman kept letting go of the steering wheel, so that she could shape her hair and to help push it up.   This was a winding road.  She swerved like maniac from side to side, nearly going off the road several times, and probably would have hit oncoming traffic had the other lane not been empty.  And she had her child in the car with her.

Needless to say my friend and I stayed WELL back.


One Response to Texting While Driving

  1. Edward at SER says:

    I agree: many drivers, and perhaps most drivers, have atrocious driving habits that are at best rude and at worst dangerous. It cuts across all boundaries, older drivers are just as guilty as teens. An interesting book on the subject is “Traffic: why we drive the way we do (and what it says about us)” by Tom Vanderbuilt. Copies are in the library system!

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