Muse’s New Album~Review

Muse’s  new album The Resistance just came out  September 14th! I had the chance to listen to it before it came out through facebook’s application iLike. Let just preface this with the fact that I already am a Muse fan, and have been for quite some time.

I, personally, absolutely love their new album. I could rave on and on about it. The music is amazing, and stays true to their style, and adds some new stuff in. Muse’s lead singer Matthew Bellamy’s voice is just incredible. If you know anything about music at all, or have tried to sing in your life, it is easy to be impressed. He hits those high notes like they’re nothing! With this album, I didn’t notice the breaths he takes, which are usually predominate in his other albums. My only complaint this time around is that the lyrics are overly simple, and like my friend Ovi said, it’s been done before, unfortunately.

My favorite song from this album is I Belong To You.  It is a bit of a love song, but I think it’s the fact that there’s French in it that really gets me.

So if you like alternative rock, I definitely suggest checking out their new album.  This is the first song off their new album The Resistance. The song is called Uprising This song in particular, demonstrates their new style a bit. The vocals are slightly different, but Matthew still demonstrates his vocal range. The guitar and music is different, but in the middle it goes back to their roots. It’s a great song!

I hope you check this band out and tell me what you think!



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