Obama on School in America

I know politics are boring, but this could affect everybody. And I just have to butt in a word or too about this issue.

Obama claims that children in America are “behind” other students in other countries. His plan? To shorten summer and make school days longer.

There’s a few problems I have with this plan.

1) Children are children. You can’t make them study all day. Most of my family live in China, and they study until eleven every day. What’s the point in that? That’s not what life is about.

2) There will be too much stress. I am, in fact, doing a research paper on stress in health, and I know that too much stress is B-A-D. Too much stress = more health problems. Not good. Isn’t health first?

3) It’s QUALITY, not QUANTITY (I know you’ve heard this so many times). Even if you make the school days longer, if the children are getting poor education, what’s the point? There is no point! I think that we should strengthen the curriculum and challenge kids more. If you make the school years longer, you’ll still get the same material — just in a longer period of time.

4) I’m saying this as a kid and as a teenager. Everybody needs a break once and a while, even from studying. I know that if I had to go to school for what seems like forever, I would not be able to take it. Too much work and no play = unhappy children. And that’s not what we want, do we?

5) Last complaint. We need extracurriculars. If you have so much school and no time outside of school, you can’t do other things, like play a sport or practice an instrument. Studying is a good skill to have, but we need other skills too; a variety in fact. That will help us in the future.

I think he’s focusing on the wrong aspect of education.

**NOTE: This is based entirely on my opinion. You may not agree with any of these comments.


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