Necropolis: Book Review

Necropolis By Anthony Horowitz

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It’s out. Book four of The Gatekeepers series has finally been released this year (and I finally got a hold of it). Yeah, reading in October is kind of late, considering that it was printed in April, but I’m still glad. And I had to start this review out with “it’s out”. It sounds cool.

Anyways, don’t read this book until you’ve read all the others. The first three books (in order) are Raven’s Gate, Evil Star, and Nightrise. And if you’ve read the Alex Rider series and liked it, you’re going to like this series even more.

Basic Overview (Again, No Ending)

Matt, Pedro, Jamie, and Scott have been looking for Scar, the last Gatekeeper. But they’re not the only ones who have been looking for her.

The news comes – a girl named Scarlett Adams is missing after a field trip to St. Meredith’s, a church that is one of the oldest churches in London. But she is found eighteen hours later, right in St. Meredith’s. Her story is that she went outside for fresh air, and then fainted. Of course, people are doubtful, but they leave her alone after that. Except Scarlett isn’t telling the truth. The truth doesn’t make any sense. And only a few people out there know the truth. Scarlett is one of the Five, and she has just gone through a Door.

Another world away, Hong Kong has been taken over by the Old Ones. They control every aspect of the city, slowly killing off its people and replacing them with shape-changers. Now, Scarlett is walking right into the trap. Her father, for unknown reasons, has invited her to go to Hong Kong. The other four Gatekeeper try to stop her, but the Old Ones are always one step ahead of them. Now, they have to get her out before the Old Ones take over her…and everything is lost.


Anthony Horowitz is one of my favorite authors. He has a blunt writing style, but he still manages to get a vivid image in your head. Concise, that’s the word.

I love the action. It had me holding my breath every step of the way. Sometimes the detail was a little too much information, but I loved it, nevertheless. The way he portrayed Hong Kong was amazing…I could tell that the city was sick.

There was so much suspense in this story! This is probably my favorite one (so far) out of all of his books. The secret messages, the danger…since I would rather not experience all that in real life, a book is a good place to find it. This 389-page book only took me two hours to finish because I was hooked the moment I read the first sentence. It was this: “the girl didn’t look before crossing the road.” Isn’t that a great beginning? Luckily, this isn’t the last book of the series (I was devastated when the Percy Jackson series ended…). However, the ending was disappointing. They kind of go in circles – each time they meet a new Gatekeeper, and then the Old Ones almost have no choice, but then something happens to the Gatekeepers. And then the Old Ones still have a chance.

Another thing — I liked Scarlett’s power, but it was kind of cliché. At least none of them could fly.


Another five-star book. And no, despite all the five stars I’ve given, five stars is still a hard rating to get from me. It’s just that I’m lucky that I’ve chosen books that I like.


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