Movie Review: The Proposal

The Proposal: Movie Review

Basic Information

Director: Anne Fletcher (director of 27 Dresses and Step Up)

Writer: Pete Chiarelli

Rated PG-13

Length: 108 minutes

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Released: June 19, 2009

Nominations: ALMA Award (for Oscar Nuñez), Teen Choice Award (Choice Summer Movie Star: Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds)

Awards: Teen Choice Award (Choice Summer Movie: Romance)

Actors/Actresses (Main): Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds, Mary Steenburgen, Craig T. Nelson, Betty White, Denis O’Hare


Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock) works for Colden Books, a book publishing company. She is the executive editor-in-chief there, and Andrew Paxton (Ryan Reynolds) is her assistant (basically, her slave). But all of it falls apart when Margaret is told that her visa expired and she is to be deported back to Canada…unless she can get Andrew to marry her (and after that, a “quicky” divorce). She blackmails him into marrying with a threat that she can ruin his chances of getting a promotion. So they go to the USCIS and say that they want to get married. However, one of the agents, Mr. Gilbertson (Denis O’Hare) is suspicious of fraud, and so warns them that if it is a fraud, then Margaret will be immediately deported to Canada and Andrew will be fined and sent to jail for five years.

To convince the USCIS agent that they truly are “in love”, Margaret goes with Andrew to Sitka, Alaska, to celebrate Andrew’s Grandma Annie’s 90th birthday. There, they have to deal with Andrew’s family, each other, and their new feelings.


This movie had a cliché ending, but I still liked it. You can probably guess out the ending right now.

But I thought the acting was wonderful. Some scenes were just so wonderfully acted out. And it was also hilarious at some parts. I was cracking up almost the entire movie, but at some parts I was also misty-eyed.

My favorite character was Grandma Annie. She’s hilarious. There was this scene where she was chanting and dancing to the drums…ah. You’ve got to see that part. And there’s this scene at the end that was funny too, but I can’t tell you. Watch the movie.

Sweet, sweet movie. Five stars.



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