NaNoWriMo-cool things & write-in?

Are you stumped? Can’t force yourself to write, or perhaps you want to meet up with some like minded people? Look no further, I have a few words of wisdom for those brave people that are taking down the dragon called National Novel Writing Month.First hint I have for you guys: Get friends-have a support group or at least one other person who you can “compete” with or get support from. I promise, when you compete with others you have more of a drive to write more.

2nd hint. Time yourself. Sit down for 5-10 minutes at a time, and just write, don’t get distracted. Then see how many words you got, and try to beat that score next time. Can’t time yourself? Well, why not check out Write or Die. Write or Die is an awesome website that forces you to sit down and write. The object is that you have to write a set amount of words in a set amount of time. If you don’t do this, well.. your work gets deleted!! Talk about a great motivation program. No one wants to lose their work. There is of course varying times from 10 minutes to 2 hours. Personally I wish they had a five minute writing option, but they don’t. =(

My last hint, or the third hint. Find a write-in near you. If you’re not on the NaNoWriMo’s main site, then you should get on there. It’s really fun, and you can keep track of friends and their scores. Also, when you join a region, you can find write-in’s near you. What are write-in’s you ask? Well it’s where a group of people get together at a public place, sit down with their laptops, paper and pencile, stone block and chisel, whatever, and they write. Or, you can sit around talking about plot points and character traits that you think are awesome. It’s a great exercise. I’m hoping to get to one sometime in the near future, so I can meet people outside of my known friends that are like minded. There’s also write-in’s specifically for teens, because I know that I definitely don’t want to go chill with some stay at home mom’s. Or I think I saw a high school teacher say they were gonna go!

Hopefully you found some of these hints helpful when tackling the NaNo dragon! Let me know if you have any other awesome ideas! I’m always looking for great motivations and such.

Happy NaNoing


p.s my nano page is at here


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