My Top 10: Favorite Animanga Characters

Soooo. I just realized I’ve never covered this. I have covered my favorite animangas, but just not my favorite characters. So…I guess here we go? x3

10. Sakura Kinimoto – Cardcaptor Sakura

What can I say? I grew up with that anime. I love love loved it and even now when I feel reminiscent I just go and pick up an old Cardcaptor Sakura manga. (Funny story, my brother’s actually watching it right now.) Sakura was so cute and I loved her when I was a kid, and I adored seeing her again in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles. (Another great animanga! I heard it ended recently.) The idea of the cards was just so intriguing to me, and it’s still very creative. I love the idea and concept, and I’ll always hail Cardcaptors as one of my vintage animes.

9. Toshiro Hitsugaya – Bleach

Always will be my absolute favorite Bleach character. I’m not a fan of Bleach itself, but Hitsugaya…he’s just so awesome! A boy genius shinigami with a super crazy cool bankai- and he looks really awesome too! Hyorinmaru! ❤ ❤ ❤ He’s so sarcastic all the time and quiet…it’s great! He is the youngest of all the shinigami captains if I recall, and his past is very intriguing. His relationship with Hinamori and Matsumoto doubly so. Hitsugaya, you rock! 😀

8. Shikamaru Nara – Naruto

I have often expressed distaste for Naruto, but I will always continue to love Shikamaru. Another boy genius character, his IQ is ridiculously high and he’s a really really lazy ninja. Isn’t that some sort of oxymoron? I was so happy when I saw him again in Shippuden all grown up, and the scene with Asuma in the manga made me cry. He’s a well-developed and somehow heartwarming character, even if he spits out insults and sardonic remarks half the time. He always seems sort of rough, but in those little moments, it’s easy to see he cares about his friends and those close to him. Always going to be a favorite~!

7. Kallen Stadtfield – Code Geass

Lelouch is a psychotic freak, Suzaku is an I-don’t-even-know-what, and the rest of the characters don’t even matter. THEN COMES KALLEN! Blazing gunfire and totally freaking amazing, I. Love. Kallen. She’s one of my favorite important girl characters because…you know what? She’s a tomboy and not afraid to show it. She’s a fighter and a proud Eleven at that, she controls one of the most influential Knightmare Frames in the series, and she is pure incarnated awesome. She beats up Suzaku. ‘Nuff said.

6. Winry Rockbell – Fullmetal Alchemist

Winry. Oh lord. She’s a wrench-wielding mechanic that has heart and soul and attitude. Without her, half the humor and emotion of the entire series would be gone. She is a motivator for Edward. She is *ahem* the main love interest. Having lost her parents and grown up with Edward and Alphonse, she’s known them since early childhood and has supported them throughout their whole quest: She was one of the two that attached Edward’s signature automail. She’s a mechanic freak and a violent girl but she without a doubt is one of my top favorites. Go Winry!

5. America/Alfred F. Jones – Axis Powers Hetalia

ALFRED! ALFRED! HOW I LOVE YOU! Alfred appears in a lot of comic strips/a ton of episodes, and even if he’s always slurping on soda and eating burgers and can’t read a map to save his life (*holds up map of US* “SO WHERE’S JAPAN? >:D”) he’s adorable and funny and a Hero. I’m not particularly patriotic, but Alfred makes me laugh so hard whenever he appears with his loud voice, and he’s among my top top favorites in Hetalia itself. He’s consistently annoying, but he’s ridiculously endearing and that’s just what makes him such an unforgettable character. And he can sing too! x3 Not really…but he’s so cute when he tries.

4. Roy Mustang – Fullmetal Alchemist

Need I say more? For one, his english voice actor is Travis Willingham. For two: “I LOVE DOGS! TINY MINISKIRTS!” Roy has made me laugh to the point of hysterics, he has made me bawl my eyes out- I love him so much as a character it hurts. Platonically. I mean, besides being “dead sexy”, his alchemy power is cool and his character itself is…wow. At first he comes off as a self-centered, shameless womanizer, but he slowly shows his past and his true character. Who didn’t tear up a little at Hugh’s scene? Who didn’t start crying at Envy’s scene with him and Riza? (Don’t answer that. I know I’m a crybaby already.) Mustang can play my heart like a harp, and somehow I love him for it. (Is anyone else up to date on the FMA manga? AHH! MUSTANG! RIZA!!!)

3. Yamamoto Takeshi – Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Yamamoto makes a close run with Gokudera Hayato (8059…>:3) for my favorite character in KHR, but inevitable it comes out as the Shigure Souen guy. Yamamoto…what is there even to say? He’s strong, he’s funny, and oblivious. He laughs at everything and makes me smile whenever he does; he loves everything! His laugh is adorable, his seiyuu is adorable, and even though he’s totally carefree, he has the ability to go into srs bzns mode and just make your heart stop. He will give up what he has to to keep his family safe, he will devote himself to the sword for Vongola. And it’s that just the sweetest thing? Yamamoto, keep protecting your family because it’s what you do best~! 😀

2. Lal Mirch – Katekyo Hitman Reborn

I cannot finish this without mentioning Lal. LAL, YOU ARE MY HERO. She’s strong, for one, though she’s a bit useless in the future arc. Her relationship with Colonello makes me cry sometimes- it’s a heartbreaking one. She’s a great fighter, she looks amazing, and she’s…gah! She was even the original Rain Arcobaleno! Who else would outright attack to attempt to kill the Juudaime as a test upon arrival in the TYL!Verse? Who else would beat him up on a near daily basis? Lal has guts and a spartan attitude, which is exactly what I adore her for. And like I said before…like most characters, she can sing!

1. Riza Hawkeye – Fullmetal Alchemist

No matter what happens, Riza will always be my favorite anime character of all time. In other animes, the female characters get thrown to the side. They’re not important. They can’t fight. If they do, even if they’re strong, they get the crap beaten out of them for angst. Not Riza. She’s a trigger-happy, gun-toting scariest military woman alive and she is fantastic. Her scenes are powerful, her lines are brilliantly sarcastic. Men FEAR HER. She’s strong and amazing  and she is always going to be my hero <3.

Also, to get with the program, I’ve included a special link to the preview of the soon to come out Hetalia Song. Santa Claus is coming to town. I mean, seriously, have you been to the mall lately? It’s Christmas already! I mean..Pfft, obviously. >____> If you don’t get it…don’t worry. I definitely don’t either.

– Vanessa

P.S. What are your favorites? Comment below!


2 Responses to My Top 10: Favorite Animanga Characters

  1. lindsey @ eva perry library, apex says:

    fascinating stuff, so far my favorite is Kayuzo from Samurai Seven, he’s strong, silent, and has a cool hair.

  2. hi mate, happy holiday and i enjoy my time here.

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