Forest Born by Shannon Hale

As always, Shannon Hale’s Books of Bayern do not cease to impress me. The series continues with Razo’s younger sister, Rin, who has always felt isolated from her family. Rin has a special connection with the trees that no one understands; they seem to calm her instantly. But lately, the trees have not been “speaking” to her. When her older brother Razo comes with his girlfriend (or beau, I suppose. I’m not sure what they would call her in that point in time.), Dasha, she sets out with them to see the city, and find who “Rin” truly is.

Shannon Hale’s use of magic as “languages” brings you even closer to the characters, as you discover with them what their true potentials are: whether it be water speaking, animal speaking, or fire speaking. I always find her books refreshing from the typical stories out there, and I look forward to other books she may write.

To reserve Shannon Hale’s Forest Born, click on the picture 🙂



One Response to Forest Born by Shannon Hale

  1. hils00 says:

    This sounds very interesting! I love Shannon Hale’s books, and I can’t wait to read this one.

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