Taipei 101

No, this is not a college course on Taipei.

Taipei 101 is a 101 floor skyscraper here in Taiwan.  When it opened in 2004 it was officially the tallest building in the world.

A picture of Taipei 101 I took the other day near it's base.

 The first couple of levels are pretty much a high-end shopping mall, with mostly designer names like Gucci, Chanel, and Armani. There are also several floors underground filled with restaurants. The top has an observatory, which I have only been to once several years ago.  

Every year on New Year’s Eve a couple of sponsors pool some money together and put on a fire work show for the people of Taipei.  Starting from the 2004-2005, the fireworks show has gotten bigger and more spectacular every year.  Well, a couple of days ago I read online that this year there wouldn’t be a firework display due to lack of sponsorship.  Overwhelmed with sorrow and disappointment, I power walked to the nearest 7-11 and slammed a 16 oz. of Haagen Dazs. (KIDDING). Anyways, today I saw on the news that due to a transfer of ownership, Taipei 101 will be continuing it’s tradition this year by having it’s grandest fireworks display yet.

For those of you wondering if the people over here celebrate Christmas, the answer is yes they do.  The day after Thanksgiving, Christmas trees have been popping up all over town, and Taipei 101 is decked out in Christmas decorations.  I took a couple of picture for you guys to see:

A Christmas tree in the area near Taipei 101. Inside are TVs advertising Christmas stuff

The inside of Taipei 101's shopping mall. The words "Merry Christmas" have been strung up in lights

This is a Christmas tree made entirely of crystals inside Taipei 101. There was a guard standing nearby to make sure no one made off with any of the the tree's crystals

I’m definitely planning on getting a good view of Taipei 101 on new years and recording the fireworks show, but that might be a challenge considering the number of other people I’m going to be competing with for a spot.



5 Responses to Taipei 101

  1. John says:

    Great pictures Matthew!! It’s just like being there. Keep on bloggin’!!

  2. Jane Gorski says:

    I really enjoy reading your blog! You are doing a great job making it both informative and funny.

  3. Wizeria says:

    I’ve been to Taipei 101 also, though I’ve never been there during the holidays. I hope that maybe I can be there for Christmas or for New Year’s (it’s a slim chance though)! Ahaha, I love the underground restaurants (my favorite part)! I think all Taiwan malls have the food courts underground…can’t forget 7-11! It’s so much more different than the 7-11s in America. :] I never noticed that they sold Haagen Daz ice cream! Thanks for posting up pictures of Christmas in Taipei 101!

  4. Hi, I am a college student and I found your image of 101 through Google. Do you mind if I use this picture for a school project? Of course, I will give you credit however you like.


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