10 Quick Reads

Christmas season: the best and worst season of them all. Parents think they have it bad, but at least they have money to buy presents, and they don’t have exams to study for.

When Christmas/exam season comes around, most of us sadly stack away our 300+ page novels, and watch them longingly every day, wishing we had time to read one–time to read anything.

Yes? Well, I have an idea. Some authors have gladly gifted our world with shorter novels. Or, if you want something even better: children’s novels. Here’s a list of some of the best of both of them:

(Click the title to go to the Wake County Library page to read the description and request.)

1. Lips Touch (Three Times) : While this book is above 200 pages, it qualifies because it is broken down into three short stories, each one tantalizing and page-turning. Wrought with original dialogue and beautiful description (plus BEAUTIFUL pictures at the start of each story), LTTT is definitely a good choice. Seriously. My favorite book right now.

2. Let it Snow: Three Holiday Romances : Like LTTT, this is broken down into three shorter stories, and it’s Christmas-themed, so how could you not pick it up? I actually haven’t read this one (though I’m planning to), but it’s received good reviews, and is written by best-selling authors John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle.

3. Genesis This 150 page novel is about a girl named Anax, who uncovers information that forces her to contemplate the nature of consciousness and the rights of humanity in the face of complex artificial intelligence technology. Whew, but wow! REALLY good response from this book (and a beautiful cover, which of course means a lot).

4. The Graveyard Book: Classic Neil Gaiman. Won tons of awards. You can’t go wrong. Okay, well its 307 pages (so I guess I’m cheating), but it’s a middle grade book (large font, wide spaces) with illustrations so it’s not really that long.

5. Wake: 210 pages, a quirky writing style that you’ll either love or hate (but either way it flies by), and a story about a girl that controls dreams—you can’t pass on that, can you? Written by Lisa McMann.

6. Living Dead Girl*: This short, emotional read about a girl who is abducted and abused is only 170 pages but arguably more powerful than many of the other books like it out there.

7. Skeleton Creek: This book/movie mystery by Patrick Carman is creepy and LOADS of fun. You read some of the story (aka Ryan’s Journal), then the book gives you a password for a video online (aka his friends video journal). It’s really cool, and… guess what? Yeah. 185 pages.

8. If I Stay (This 195 page page-turner about a girl in a coma, who can see what is going on around her and must decide whether or not to stay (much more exciting than that pitiful summary) is quite possibly the sweetest book I have ever read, and I’m certain will be one of your favorites.

9. Me, the Missing, and the Dead: Just over 200 pages (201 pages), this book by Jenny Valentine contains a urn that speaks to a boy, and a boy whose father disappeared a long time ago.

and of course there’s always

10. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: 217 Pages. Brilliant. Enough said.

Enjoy your holidays!

*this book may contain material unsuitable for some people, so please use discretion.


One Response to 10 Quick Reads

  1. Nicole says:

    Genesis is an amazing freaking book! You can sit down and read it in a day. I absolutely loved it!! It was a very very yummy read.

    The Graveyard Book I heard was a really good read, but I haven’t read it unfortunately 😦 I am too lost in my longer novels.

    Living Dead Girl is crazy and intense. I wouldn’t recommend reading it as a break from exams, because usually you’re looking for a fun book, and this book is more like, I’m going to traumatize you. Epically written though! I loved it.

    =] this is definitely a nice list! Lots of different books

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