Street Performances Near Taipei 101

Have any of you guys ever seen a street performer in action?  They’re pretty rare in NC, but in heavily populated areas like the metropolitan, they’re a dime a dozen.

One of the most popular places for street performers to go is the shopping plaza near Taipei 101.  Weekends especially, the streets and courtyards are lined with people doing stuff ranging from card tricks to break dancing.

This performer acted like a cat, and did stuff like leap from bench to bench and crawl around on all fours

The perseverance of these actors is actually pretty incredible.  They perform for several hours, without taking a rest or breaking character.

For example, the other night the man dressed as a warrior at one point stood so perfectly still that he actually looked like he was a

The first time I saw this guy, he stood very still and looked just like a statue. The next day, he was moving around like a robot

 statue. Then, some guy (definitely not me) walked a little too close to his stand and he suddenly sprang to life and grabbed the poor guy.

A lot of these performers are college students enrolled in a school of art, trying to make a little extra money.  It’s common courtesy to toss some money into the container in front of the performer if you like their act, but of course it’s up to you.

I had recorded one guy doing a mime act, but unfortunately I can’t upload it onto this blog. If you’re interested, there are other videos of Taiwan street performers in Youtube.


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