UP: Movie Review

Summary: Ever since he was a little boy, Carl Fredricksen’s idol has been Charles Muntz, an explorer who was disgraced and accused of falsehood for bringing back the skeleton of the monster from Paradise Falls. Legend has it that he travels back to Paradise Falls to prove he didn’t make up the monster and never returned.

Paradise Falls is a legendary place that rests above South America, and Ellie, Fredrickson’s wife, wants to one day journey to Paradise Falls and live right beside the Falls. But the years go by and they never manage to save enough money, always having to spend it on someone else. And the time comes when Ellie breathes her last breath and lonely Carl has to cope by himself. He refuses to move from his house, but when he knocks a worker on the head with his cane, he has to move to a retirement home. But the next day, when the retirement home people come to pick him up, they watch in amazement as millions of balloons sprout out of Carl’s house and the house lifts up, up, out of the ground, and into the sky, towards Paradise Falls…

Comments: Amazing family movie, really. I love how Pixar showed the passing of Ellie and Carl’s lives together, not using words, just pictures and expressions. Every little turn held a bit of laughter and surprise, and sometimes it made you go, “Aww…” My nine-year old sister adored the movie, as did I, a high school freshman, and my mother. I mean, what can I say? It’s just something you have to watch to understand. I guess the biggest surprise and the saddest part was Ellie’s death. I expected the two to go together to Paradise Falls, however, Russell takes Ellie’s place (and you’ll find Russell’s personality hilarious).

Excerpt from the Movie:

[Carl and Russell find Dug in a South American desert]

Russell: [pets Dug] Hey, I like dogs!

Carl Fredricksen: [calling out] We have your dog!

Russell: [Dug walks around Russell] Whoa.

Carl Fredricksen: I wonder who he belongs to?

Russell: Sit boy. [Dug sits]

Russell: Hey look, he’s trained! Shake. [Dug shakes his paw]

Russell: Uh-huh. Speak.

Dug: Hi there.

Russell, Carl Fredricksen: [surprised exclamations]

Carl Fredricksen: Did that dog just say “Hi there”?

Dug: Oh yes.

Carl Fredricksen: Whaa!

Dug: My name is Dug. I have just met you, and I love you. [he jumps up on Carl]

Carl Fredricksen: Wha…

Dug: My master made me this collar. He is a good and smart master and he made me this collar so that I may speak. Squirrel! [looks to distance for a few seconds]

Dug: My master is good and smart.

Carl Fredricksen: It’s not possible!

Dug: Oh it is because my master is smart!

Russell: Cool! What do these do, boy? [Russell starts to fiddle with a dial on Dug’s collar]

Dug: [cycling through languages and different voices] Hey would you – [Spanish]

Dug: – I use that collar – [Japanese] Dug: – to talk with – I would be happy if you stop.

Carl Fredricksen: Russel, don’t touch that. It could be… radioactive or something.

Dug: I am a great tracker. My pack sent me on a special mission, all by myself. Have you seen a bird? I am going to find one, and I am on the scent. I am a great tracker; did I mention that? [Dug is suddenly attacked by Kevin, who shrieks in Dug’s face after pinning him to the ground]

Dug: Hey, that is a bird! I have never seen one up close, but this is a bird. May I take your bird back to camp as my prisoner?

Carl Fredricksen: Yes, yes, take it! And on the way, learn how to bark like a real dog!

Dug: I can bark. [barks]

Dug: And this is howling. [howls]

Dug: [Kevin screeches]

Russell: Can we keep him? Please, please, please? [Carl says “No.”]

Carl Fredricksen: No.

Russell: But it’s a TALKING DOG!

Taken from http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1049413/quotes Rating: Amazing. Immediate 5-star family animated feature.

Up Movie Review Movie: Pixar’s UP

Director: Pete Docter, Co-director: Bob Peterson

Rating: PG, Length: 96 minutes

Genre: Family, Comedy, Animation, Adventure

Awards: Artios for Outstanding Achievement in Casting for Animation Feature (Kevin Reher and Natalie Lyon), Teen Choice Award for Choice Summer Movie: Comedy, Future Film Festival Digital Award – Special Mention (Pete Docter)

Source: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1049413/


3 Responses to UP: Movie Review

  1. Rob Eng says:

    Yes, the montage showing Carl and Ellie’s lives together was a true masterpiece within an amazing movie. I don’t know how Pixar continues to produce brilliant movies again and again.

  2. Nicole says:

    This movie made me cry, it’s absolutely amazing. I’m glad I got to sit down and watch it with my mother. Everything about this was amazing. I am glad it won so many awards and such. I definitely think the beginning could of been a short film by itself it was so awesome 😀

  3. Newsticker88 says:

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