Book Review: Full Tilt

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Full Tilt by Neal Shusterman (Author of Downsiders)

“A roller coaster ride of a book…” says KLIATT, and it truly is. It was a page-turner for sure.

Quinn and Blake are siblings, but you could never tell from their personalities. Quinn has that bring-it-on type of attitude, his entire face basically a lightning rod from all the piercings he has, while Blake, the older, more sensible one, is graduating early from high school and going to an Ivy League college.

When Blake, Quinn, Russ, and Maggie go together to an amusement park, Blake meets Cassandra, the beautiful girl who is running the ball-toss booth. She hands him a ball and says, “This one’s on the house,” and as Blake throws, he wins. Cassandra picks out a stuffed animal for him, and in the animal’s pocket is an invitation that reads: “An invitation to ride 10 Hawking Road Midnight to Dawn”. When he looks back to ask her about it, she’s gone, and is replaced by a bearded guy. There is something intriguing about the girl.

Once at home, Blake and Quinn encounter more problems. Their relationship with each other is slowly coming apart, and then an argument does it. The next thing Blake knows, he’s watching Quinn being carted off to the hospital because Quinn has fallen into a coma. But inside, Blake knows that Quinn is somewhere else, and he suspects that Quinn is at the amusement park.

Once there, Blake, Russ, and Maggie have to finish seven rides by dawn in order to get out of the carnival and find Quinn. Otherwise they will be stuck there forever. But each ride becomes harder and harder to take, for they reflect personal fears that no one dares mention…especially for Blake.

I think I might check out some of his other books. This is the first book by Shusterman that I have read, but I’m looking forward to some other ones.

This book was spun out of an author with amazing imagination. Very good story, and I definitely recommend this for people who want action and suspense, and maybe a little creep factor in the equation.

Four star book:)


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