HICCUPS! Hic-hic

HICCUPS! Hic-hic

Don’t you feel extremely irritated when you suddenly get the hiccups? I’ve heard several methods of getting rid of them, including looking up at the sky and saying “cow” (I’ve tried it; it worked four times but then it didn’t work anymore), holding your breath, having someone else scare you…the list goes on and on.

Hiccups are actually when your diaphragmatic nerves get irritated. You can get hiccups from drinking soda, or simply from shifting from a warm temperature to a cold temperature too quickly. If you have a really long episode of hiccups, you may eventually become exhausted. Here are a few old home remedies (hope they work…):

1) Lemons
You can either squirt lemon juice to the back of your throat, or suck on a slice of lemon.

2) Honey and Water
For babies only: let them sip honey with water.

Get a small paper bag and press it tightly around your mouth. Breathe in and out.

4) Sugar
Put a teaspoon of sugar on your tongue. Take a glass of cold water and wash the sugar down.

5) Water? The Old Fashioned Way?
You can either plug your ears, and then drink cold water or sip warm water with or without honey in it.

6) Ear Stuffing
Put your fingers in your ears.

Sources: http://www.healthoma.com/proven-remedies-to-stop-hiccups/, http://www.health911.com/remedies/rem_hic.htm, and Healing Remedies by C. Norman Shealy MD, PhD


One Response to HICCUPS! Hic-hic

  1. lindsey @ eva perry library, apex says:

    I’ve always found the best luck holding a shallow breath until a little bit of air comes out of the back of my throat.

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