Shilin Night Market

A stall selling freshly squeezed fruit juice and shaved ice. The mango shaved ice (the flavor I tried) was delicious and was made from fresh mangos

Despite what the name implies, the Shilin Night Market is not a marketplace that is only open at night.  It’s open all day, seven days a week.  However, it is the most crowded at night, and on weekends.  This market is famous for being the largest of it’s kind in all of Taiwan.  The stalls here don’t just sell produce though, unlike the traditional markets.  There are foods of all kinds (mostly snacks that you can eat as you walk), games and activities to enjoy, and clothing stores stocked with the latest fashions.

The number of people that flock to the Shilin Night market is incredible.  Teenagers go to hang out after a long week of school and hang out with friends.

This is an air soft shooting range. Shooting all the balloons can win you a prize, like the stuffed animals on the floor)

Tour groups come through just to marvel at the sea of people crowding the area.  Fatties like me go and pig out on the awesome food.  Even beggars go to cajole you out of your spare change, since that’s where everyone is. My favorite part of the night market is at the back of the main building;  it is basically a giant arcade.  When my friend and I came here a couple of years ago we would spend hours shooting hoops there.

Since the main attraction of Shilin is it’s food, its no surprise that quite a few stalls have become famous among the locals for having great food at a low price. There is one place that sells deep fried chicken steaks for 50NT dolars each (about 1.60USD) that is so popular that the line for their stall last Saturday night when I went stretched almost out of the night market (a distance of about 50 feet).

An overhead shot of one of the lanes of the market. Luckily I am taller than most of the people here so I could get a good shot of this sea of people.



2 Responses to Shilin Night Market

  1. danulik says:

    hmmm, mango ice! yummi…
    never tried, but I have to. I love mango the most 🙂

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