Food Trivia

Since coming here to Taipei, I’ve seen and tasted plenty of exotic foods. Some of them I liked a lot, some of them not so much.  No matter how much I enjoy the food here, though, I always and up having random cravings for stuff that I’m used to eating in the US. Examples: Burgers. Subs. PIZZA.

Just the other day I was taking a leisurely evening stroll to the local market, and I passed by what appeared to be an Italian restaurant, and I thought to myself, “sure, I could go for a slice”.  I went in and ordered the pizza. Yikes, big mistake.

First off, it was topped with duck.  And I think there were green onions, too. I didn’t really specify what I wanted on it, but I sort of assumed it would be something along the lines of pepperoni or sausage.  Secondly, no cheese or tomato sauce, just this brown, sweet tasting sauce.  It was nothing like the pizza I used to have back in the states…but I ended up eating it anyways I was starving.

Anyways, what I’m saying is that food can really transform to fit the local tastes when it’s moved from its country of origin.  There are many of other examples of this to be found, so be expecting more post like this one documenting various culinary differences.

Speaking of pizza, when I covered the transportation here in a post a couple of weeks back, I mentioned that scooters are really popular here due to lack of space.  Well take a gander at this picture:

Delivery scooters!

Dominoes apparently delivers all of there pizzas on scooters here (I guess if they stuck with cars they wouldn’t get you you pizza in 30 minutes or less). Just another way that stuff adapts when it moves to different countries.



4 Responses to Food Trivia

  1. lindsey @ eva perry library, apex says:

    Haha, Sure could go for a slice.

  2. Nicole says:

    Those are some epic scooters!

  3. Vanessa says:

    Was the “pizza” something like this?

    Sorry, bad photo. I kinda get what you’re talking about with the pizza, I KNOW I’ve had something almost exactly like what you’re saying except the pizza dough was more of a thin little pancake thing. Really yummy. 😀

  4. Matt Hill says:

    Sort of, but yea like you said instead of being wrapped in a pancake like Peking Duck all those ingredients were slapped on a pizza crust

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