Real Teen Council

Wake County Teen Medical Services is looking for teens for their teen council.  Please use the contact information at the bottom to respond:

Just wanted to remind you that we’re looking for highly-motivated young people from Wake County to participate in our youth-leadership and peer education program the REAL (Realistic Education About Life) Teen Council.

If you know of any young men or young women, especially who are 9 th  or 10 th  graders, who are interested in making a difference and advocating for healthy choices among their peers, please pass the application on to them.

Also please forward to any youth-serving agencies you’re familiar with who might have young people who would be interested.

Thanks a bunch!

Jenny Palmer, Director of Health Education
Wake Teen Medical Services
505 Oberlin Road, Suite 204
Raleigh, NC  27605
Phone:  919-828-0035
Fax: 919-828-0355


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