The Blind Side: Movie Review

Over the past two weeks, my mom has been wanting to see The Blind Side (this is probably due to the fact that her friend told her about five times how good the movie was, and she loves Sandra Bullock). So yesterday, we finally decided to go see it.

Movie Synopsis:
The Blind Side is one of those inspirational sports movies about the kid that comes from a bad background and becomes a star. In this case, it is a football movie. Michael Oher, “Big Mike” (Quinton Aaron) is a big kid who comes from the bad side of town. His mother is a drug addict, and his father is nowhere to be found, so he lives on the street. One day, Leigh Ann Tuohy (Sandra Bullock) finds him walking down the street in the cold, with nowhere to go. She invites him to stay with her and her family, and so the story begins. The Tuohy’s learn a lot from Big Mike, who eventually becomes part of the family and, of course, a famous football player.


The Blind Side is right up there with Glory Road, Remember The Titans, and Radio as far as inspirational sports movies. It’s one of those movies that makes you want to cry, laugh, and then stand up and cheer at the end. The characters are very lovable, and Sandra Bullock  brings her comedic side in there. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes a good movie with meaning.

5/5 stars!



One Response to The Blind Side: Movie Review

  1. hils00 says:

    Yes! I think this was Sandra Bullock at her best. It certainly warmed the hearts of my family.

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